Happy Birthday Cousin Quotes, Images, Pictures, photos

Happy Birthday cousin quotes or happy birthday cousin images are very sweet and lovey birthday wishes and quotes messages for your cousin. You cannot wish to forget your cousin’s happy birthday wishes, we have listed some of the best happy birthday cousin quotes, happy birthday to my cousin quotes, happy birthday quotes for cousin, happy birthday wishes for cousin. You can send these birthday wishes through whatsapp or any other messenger service or social media site.

Happy Birthday Cousin Quotes, Images, Pictures, photos

Happy Birthday Cousin Quotes, Images, Pictures, photos

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To my favorite cousin, having you in my life is certainly a source of joy and happiness. Happy Birthday and May all your wishes come true. Having a cousin like you is the best gift ever to me. You always inspire me and I am grateful for that. Have a fantastic birthday and may you live long to inspire more people in your life. Growing up with a cousin like you was awesome. Remember all of our great times and all of the times that we did really ridiculous stuff!! Make the most of your big day today. I don’t care how much time passes between visits, I always feel like we were just together. I love being your Cousin! Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday quotes and messages for cousin

Hey cousin, may you have a fun filled birthday celebration and I wish you more birthdays to come. If I had the ability to give immortality to the people I love I would surely give it to you so that I can have you forever. Happy birthday to my beloved cousin. No matter how much you grow up, for me you are always going to remain the youngest, the dearest and the smartest cousin! Happy Birthday! May all your dreams for the future come true!

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Regardless of us being cousins, I am happy to be your friend because you are really cool. Wishing a wonderful cousin a wonderful Birthday! You are a fantastic cousin and you have not only been a cousin to me you have also been a great friend. Have a fabulous birthday cousin. Another birthday is here again They keep on coming just like falling rain But at least it gives me the chance to say My lovely cousin have a wonderful day


Having a pretty cousin sister like you is a lot of responsibility. I have to convince all my guy friends to stay away from you because all of them have a crush on you. Happy birthday to my beautiful cousin. Happy birthday to you my dear cousin! It’s a great day to rejoice for you now have another year to live and a bright future to anticipate.

We have grown up over the years And times have changed too But you were and will be my favourite cousin Happy Birthday to you my dear Cousin!